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about me

My dad sent me a postcard of Piccadilly Circus two months before I was born, feet first.

The first film I saw at the cinema was E.T.

I learnt my first English words listening to The Beatles in my parents' car.

I grew up watching James Bond films (and fell in love with Sean Connery).

I was teasingly nicknamed 'Nessie' by some kids at school.

I didn't care for sunshine and blue skies until I moved away from my native island (Sicily).

I had my first pint of lager in Lyme Regis when I was 18.

I moved to Scotland the day Princess Diana died (the two events are not connected).

 For seven years, I felt the coldest weather and met the warmest of people.

I fell in love at first sight with an Irishman.

I first felt my baby kick at the theatre, watching Kinky Boots.

He came into the world 9 weeks early.

I live in London and work less than a mile away from Piccadilly Circus.

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